Hair transplant is the procedure of obtaining strong hair of a person and transplanting to hairless area. The most effective opportunity for a person losing hair due to genetic and natural factor, to have their hair again is hair transplantation. Hair transplant is an aesthetic surgery application. The most developed hair transplant method is FUE method.

Hair Transplant with FUE Method

This method of which expansion is Follicular Unit Extraction, is performed as obtaining hair parts with round incisions through devices with diameter of 0.7 mm or smaller from hairy scalps. In Fue method, hair parts are obtained without performing linear incisions. The most important reasons for fue methods to be one of the most preferable methods are its advantages providing to the people in hair transplant operation and its convenience.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Hairs which are selected as donor grafts are taken from areas on the scalp which are resistant to shedding such as the back and sides. These hairs tend to stay in place when the rest of the hair has fallen out due to DHT. Hairs that take and heal well will grow and stay in place for as long as any healthy, hair-growing follicle. There is long-term value in paying the price of a permanent surgical procedure.

Those seeking a minimally invasive procedure with very little discomfort or downtime will benefit from the FUE hair loss solution.

This refined device takes extremely tiny hair graft punches from the scalp and allows for replanting just one or two hairs at a time in the recipient areas. Topical numbing agents along with local anesthetic keep the patient very comfortable and there is minimal swelling present for a few days after. Not only do the tiny holes of less than 1mm heal quickly, but they barely leave a trace with nearly imperceptible scars.

The procedure is considered to be far less painful than previous strip harvesting methods used for hair transplant.

In those cases, a long, linear strip of scalp was removed at the back of the head to divide into grafts and then implant in bunches in the scalp. The long incision caused tension and pain while healing and did precipitate some limitations on head movements.

Micro- Surgery

Many patients appreciate that this micro-surgery does not require being put to sleep with general anesthetic. The entire 5-6-hour session can be carried out comfortably in office while you relax, listen to music or watch TV. As many people feel squeamish about hospitals and surgical settings, rest assured that this procedure will feel safe but comfortable.

Minimal Scarring

Is another one of the advantages over previous tell-tale linear scars related to hair transplant. Most patients are looking for effective, natural-looking solutions that do not leave scars to give away their secret. FUE hair transplant systems like SmartGraft restore hair growth without the use of scalpels, stitches and painful wounds. The client is not limited from having short or buzzed haircuts as they would be after a FUT or strip hair transplant. The FUE hair transplant solution restores the hair while creating a natural hairline and fuller hair without noticeable scars. EstheFix FUE transplants can even be used to help camouflage previous hair transplant scars by filling them in with real, growing hair and hiding their appearance. FUE also makes hair donation from other areas of the body possible. Though less common, hair can be taken from arms, chest or legs.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

Many men and women have already decided that the benefits of a FUE hair transplant are well worth the cost and effort to restore a full, attractive head of hair.

Not everyone was born with the genetic makeup that supports keeping hair on their heads. For those who are predisposed to androgenic alopecia, or, male pattern baldness, (also female pattern baldness), a hair transplant is a permanent surgical solution to restore and regrow hair where they are losing it.

You must have some hair remaining on the head to provide a source for hair graft donor follicles

This hair is essentially redistributed around the scalp to fill in thinner or balding areas and the precision grafts removed with FUE devices leave unnoticeable spaces on the scalp – 1mm or less – so it is as if you can multiply your existing hair.

If you are like most people with thinning hair or bald patches, you’ve tried all kinds of topical hair growth remedies, hair loss vitamins and specialized shampoos. Medications such as Rogaine can be somewhat effective in at least slowing the progression of hair fall out, however, medications don’t come without possible side effects and many topical products just do not work at all.

So, what are the benefits of ditching the products and medications in favor of a hair transplant procedure?

A hair transplant surgery with FUE technology is minimally invasive, atraumatic, and virtually scar less, but all cosmetic surgical procedures come with a significant price tag. Many people wonder if the cost is worth it. The benefit of having real, growing hair in your scalp to wash and style makes the results of a hair transplant far more preferable than a toupee/hair piece which risks falling off or shifting and does not look as natural. The expense and maintenance of quality hair pieces are not cheap either and in the long run, they do wear out. Never having to worry about taking care of expensive hair pieces is a great benefit.